Jonas Brodin is Expendable for the Minnesota Wild, and Here’s Why

First off, I just want to thank the people who have remained connected to this blog despite my lack of activity. It’s been a busy time and when you’re trying to balance multiple jobs and¬†tasks in order to find more jobs, you tend to take away from other aspects of life.

The fact that there are a handful of people out there who for whatever reason check this blog every so often made it real easy for me to come back and continue onward with my writing.

I have remained connected to hockey happenings and I could talk about a ton of different things since I last posted, but I wanna¬†touch on a particularly noteworthy development that really hasn’t gotten the attention of say, a player hitting a referee, or Trade Deadline Day (although it kind of ties into that showcase, now that I think about it).

Jonas Brodin, for the first time maybe ever, was a consistent name being bandied about as a piece that was available, for the right trade.

This is shocking stuff for some people, because Brodin for the longest time was an untouchable, a core player, for a franchise that had almost nothing in the youth department when he joined the team. You look at his age (he turns 23 in July), his draft pedigree (10th overall, 2011), and his career (he’s been a top-4 fixture for all 4 years of his career, for the most part), and it’s understandable why that should be the case. Young defenders of his supposed caliber are literally only available for 1st line centers (see: Seth Jones for Ryan Johansen), and all rumours point to Brodin’s supposed availability being contingent on a player of that level.

Problem is, Brodin ISN’T that caliber of player.

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