David Robinson

As this is a new blog, I don’t expect there to be many repeat visitors. But just in case there are people who have been waiting, I would like to say thanks for being patient with me and after a brief (if a month is brief) hiatus I will be back to posting on a regular basis starting this week.


Nominally, this is a hockey blog. It says right there in the name. I myself am devoted to hockey alone, and my experience with other sports is very basic at best (do I understand what constitutes a good play or a good player when watching? Yes. But do I know my terminologies or the intricacies of other sports? Absolutely not.).

But today, I’d like to take a little time to appreciate one of the most unheralded superstars and all-around good guys in all of basketball history, and what his legacy means for other athletes (and, of course, hockey athletes in particular).

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